Foley Fun

Try your hand at foley!
Radio plays need sound effects, and we like ours to be home made (just like Mama used to make).  Do you want to try your hand at foley (creation of sound effects), and even have the chance for them to be featured in our upcoming live radio play
It's a perfect social distancing-friendly activity - just use household objects and your imagination.  You can get some hints and tips from this interview we did with our head foley artist, Andy.
We're looking for:
- ship engine
- seagulls
- man falls overboard
- train chugging along
- serving breakfast
- water splashes against the side of a boat
- someone shoo-ing at displeased chickens
- someone is hit on the head and slumps on a table
- a puck being hit, ricocheting around the ship, smashing a drinking glass, striking a seagull, and splashing into the sea (advanced level!)
Send us your sound files, tell us how you made them, and send photos/videos (if you like), to or on twitter/instagram (@blackshawupdate, @blackshawtheatre).
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