Episode #52 - The Blackshaw Arts Hour

This week on the show Iasha, Matt and Ellie are joined by Strat and Alex, doing their very first 'Art' of the new segment 'Strat and Alex Do Art'.

We begin with the boys explaining that they will be both be drawing a portrait of Matt throughout the course of the recording, and that we will decide the 'best art' at the end of the show. 
Matt reviews Dr. Strange and maintains his professionalism as he is drawn by our two 'artists'.

Ellie talks to us about something new coming to Cineworld in Wandsworth which is pioneering 4DX cinema experiences and we heard from Owen Collins reciting some of his poetry at a recent Blackshaw new writing night. 

After much anticipation the two portraits are revealed to the enjoyment of Ellie and possibly to the horror of Matt. Strat and Alex will be back in later episodes to do more art, so tune in!

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